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Smooth Sensation Set

Smooth Sensation Set


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Smooth Sensation Set

Smooth Sensation Set ₹898


Bleu Dotted Condoms (Pack of 8)

Bleu 100% vegan natural condoms let you experience deep pleasure like never before. India's first & only condoms that prioritize her intimate health along with their pleasure.

Bleu dotted condoms are designed ergonomically to have distributed low & high raised dots that hit all the right places for long-lasting pleasure. These extra-dotted condoms are made with natural latex and vegan lubricant for a comfortable fit and lasting bliss. 

Bleu Dotted Condoms have lower protein levels to lessen post-intercourse itching, irritation and discomfort. Free of all harsh chemicals like Parabens, Glycerine, Nitrosamines and Benzocaine that lead to (unbearable) irritation, soreness and discomfort. 

Bleu dotted condoms are easily the best dotted condoms as their design results in elevated stimulation & utmost pleasure for both partners. 

Bleu Bliss Lubricant-Chocolate Flavour 50 ml

The vagina is a self-lubricating organ, however, certain factors, like stress, menopause, hormonal changes, etc., can lead to vaginal dryness. Sexual intercourse without lubrication can be painful, discomforting and even damage the vaginal lining.

Bleu Bliss Water-Based Lubricant plays a crucial role in enhancing sexual comfort & pleasure. This lubricant helps with reducing vaginal dryness, friction, and irritation. Additionally, it intensifies sexual pleasure and makes it more satisfying for both partners. This water-based lube is safe for use with natural rubber latex & polyisoprene condoms. Excitingly, Bliss lube can add unimaginable bliss to foreplay and solo exploration too!

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