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Buy Condoms for Men Online in India At Best Prices 

Condoms have been around for thousands of years for birth control, prevention of STIs, fun lovemaking and improvement of sexual health and experience. It is one of the best birth control methods that is practical, reasonable, fun and accessible. Condoms for men have proved to be effective if used properly, every time and they heighten your sexual pleasure too. But out of so many options in brands available today, we want you to choose and use the best without any stress. 


Bleu helps you make confident choices when buying the best condoms in India. Our curated collection offers an exclusive range of premium condoms, allowing you to explore and find the perfect match for your needs. From extra-dotted condoms to super-thin condoms and spiral condoms, we have everything good for your skin free from artificial flavours, Parabens and other toxic chemicals. So explore our page, choose your favourite products and give us a chance to make your love life sexy!

Different Types of Condoms for Men at Bleu

From dotted condoms to ultra-thin condoms, we have the best condoms in India that are meticulously crafted to support your well-being and sexual life. Let’s look at the variety we have for you:


  • Textured Or Dotted Condoms: If you prefer more friction during sex, condoms with dots, ridges, studs, ribs or other extra features can be a fantastic option. We have the best-dotted condoms for men that enhance your and your partner’s sex experience by making it more enjoyable.
  • Ultra-thin Condoms: If you and your partner want to feel extra light down there, these ultra thin condoms are rare to break, and effective in preventing STIs and unplanned pregnancies. 
  • Ribbed Condoms: Bleu has ribbed condoms that are uniquely shaped for extra pleasure without any traces of harmful toxins in them. These condoms have a bulging head for her and baggy head for his pleasure on the sides and a thin tip which offers delayed climax.

Advantages of Using Condoms

Wearing a condom has now become the most common practice for avoiding unwanted pregnancies, and sexually transmitted diseases and for adding a hint of magic to your sex life. This doesn’t end here as there are many other advantages of long-lasting condoms. Let’s explore all of them:


  • Condoms are the best birth-control option to avoid unwanted pregnancy and spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

  • They come in a great variety of textures, flavours, dimensions and forms to enhance your sexual pleasure. 

  • Condoms are easily accessible which means you can get them from your nearest medical shop or convenience store without any prescription or valid identity.

  • Bleu’s condom prices are reasonable which means you don’t have to break your bank for buying them.


Why Choose Bleu For Buying Condoms for Men

Bleu’s condoms are carefully made to ensure a safe and exciting sex experience. Let us help you with multiple reasons why you should choose us, Bleu, for buying condoms for men:


  • Bleu has the best condoms that contain low levels of protein ensuring the least chance of itching, irritation and discomfort.

  • Bleu’s condoms have ergonomically distributed high and low dots to hit all the right spots for extraordinary fun.

  • Bleu’s condoms are for those who are extra careful and conscious about what goes inside their body. It is the first brand to launch 100% natural and Vegan condoms made from ethically sourced Latex without harmful chemicals like Parabens, Glycerine, Nitrosamines and other toxic chemicals making it safe for both partners.

  • Bleu’s condoms are 100% electronically tested for checking holes and imperfections.

Best-Selling Condoms For Men Price List

We offer top-notch quality condoms for men for satisfying and safe sex for you and your partner only at your favourite destination- Bleu. The condom prices at Bleu have been carefully chosen while keeping in mind the individual’s needs and mindsets. Here’s our list of best-selling condoms with their respective prices.


Last Updated: 24th July 2024

Shop for Men's Condoms Online 

If you’re thinking of spicing up your sexual life, trust Bleu and we promise you won’t regret it. We make the best condoms for men that are 100% natural and vegan without harmful toxins in them. Our condoms are easy-to-use, ensure ultimate protection and pleasure without causing you itching, rashes or dryness. So without thinking about it too much, feel free to trust and explore our page, choose what suits you best and get them delivered in the comfort of your couch!

Buy Best Condoms and Other Sexual Wellness Products Online at Bleu

Bleu is on a mission to add life to your dull sexual life and enhance the safety level for you and your partner with its range of natural and Vegan condoms. We have the best condoms for men that offer long-lasting pleasure and ensure extra fun with the least chances of dryness, itching or rashes. 


Not only this, but we also have other sexual wellness products such as lubricants, disposable bags etc. infused with the power of skin-safe ingredients without harmful chemicals like Parabens or Glycerine. So now you know that we’re a safe and trusted brand to give you and your partner a safe and pleasurable sex experience!

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Q: What is the use of condoms?

The use of condoms is to enhance sexual pleasure, prevent unwanted pregnancy and spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

Q: Are condoms 100% safe?

Yes, Bleu’s condoms are 100% safe as they are made from ethically sourced Latex without harmful chemicals like Parabens, Glycerine, Nitrosamines and other toxic chemicals. It is India’s first brand to come up with a 100% vegan and natural condom range.

Q: How many condoms do you use in a night?

There is no defined number for using condoms a night as this is a personal choice. But what you should remember is to use only 1 condom at a time and put on a different condom for each type of sex you have.

Q: Why do condoms have Flavour?

Condoms have a flavour to mask the taste of Latex and make sex more enjoyable. Mostly, flavoured condoms are used for oral sex to prevent the spread of STIs.

Q: Where can I get condoms?

Condoms are widely accessible anywhere and everywhere without the need for a prescription. You can find them at pharmacies, supermarkets, convenience stores, and online portals. 

Q: How should condoms be stored?

Storing condoms properly helps to maintain their quality. You can store condoms in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight. You should avoid exposing them to extreme temperatures such as excessive heat or cold as it has the potential to weaken the product. Also, it is best to carry them in a protective case rather than in your wallet or pocket for a long period of time.

Q: Are lubricants necessary with condoms?

Lubricants used with condoms enhance comfort and reduce friction during sexual activity. It is best to trust and use good quality lubes with skin-safe ingredients without any traces of harmful chemicals in them.

Q: Will condoms reduce the risk of STI transmission during anal sex?

Yes, condoms do reduce the risk of STI transmission during anal sex.

Q: Do condoms help to protect against HIV infection?

Yes if you use condoms effectively and consistently, they have the power to protect you against HIV infection. They act as a strong barrier, preventing the exchange of bodily fluids that might contain viruses.

Q: Are Bleu condoms available in different varieties?

Yes, Bleu condoms are available in different varieties such as extra-dotted, ultra-thin and spiral types.

Q: How effective are condoms at preventing pregnancy?

Though no form of contraception ensures 100% protection, condoms are still effective at preventing pregnancy when used correctly and consistently. The effectiveness of condoms also depends on checking their expiry date, usage, etc.

Q: Can you put used condoms in a public bin?

The best way to dispose of condoms is by wrapping them in a disposable bag, tissue paper or newspaper, sealing them and then throwing them into a public bin.

Q: Can you flush condoms?

As a responsible citizen, you should never flush condoms as it can cause drainage blockage. So always dispose of your condom in a disposable bag or newspaper and then throw it in the dustbin.