Spiral Condoms (8 Units)

Ergonomic. New. Exciting

With meticulously designed bulges, for waves of pleasure for him and her, Spiral is our newest and most exciting creation yet! With a thinner tip for better friction and bulges that promise a great fit and increase sensation and stimulation to the max. An ergonomic design comes together with low smell and pliable latex to create a wholesome sexual experience for you and your partner. Bleü is one of the safest condoms brands highlighting women’s wellness in India.

For A Unique Sexual Experience


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Benefits Why Bleu Features
  • Reduces Irritation & Discomfort

    Our condoms have lower levels of protein, hence promising a lesser chance of rashes, irritation and discomfort.

  • No Harsh Chemicals

    Through meticulous research, we’ve kept toxic chemicals like Paraben, Glycerine, and Nitrosamines out of our condoms to increase pleasure.

  • Latex Smell is Masked

    Our condoms are treated and washed thoroughly to reduce latex odour because no one likes smelly condoms! Clean-scented and fragrance-free, our latex is sustainably sourced.

Neha Malik
8th November
Excellent product
Product is very good..no itching no burning sensation after sex.. i am in love with this product..i will highly recommend this product.
Neha Malik
8th November
Excellent product
Product is very good..no itching no burning sensation after sex.. i am in love with this product..i will highly recommend this product.
Neha Malik
8th November
Excellent product
Product is very good..no itching no burning sensation after sex.. i am in love with this product..i will highly recommend this product.
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Benifits Why Bleu Features
  • ZERO Parabens

    Parabens are endocrine-disrupting chemicals which can be absorbed through the vaginal surface and interfere with our regular hormone production; typically by mimicking Estrogen. This could lead to reproductive complications.

  • ZERO Benzocaine

    Benzocaine is a local anaesthetic used to emit a numbing sensation by decreasing stimulation in nerve endings and delaying a man’s climax. Some side effects of this chemical include localized inflammation, irritation and dryness.

  • ZERO Glycerin

    If left in the vagina for too long, glycerin can change into sugar, increasing your chances of getting a yeast infection by throwing off your pH balance. It is commonly used in personal lubricants and flavoured condoms to improve taste.


    Known as carcinogenic chemicals, they could be present in small parts in our food, tobacco smoke and cosmetics. Bleü keeps it out of its condoms, as the gentlest part of our bodies shouldn’t be harmed by such toxic chemicals!

  • ZERO Artificial Flavours

    No additives and artificial flavours or colours go into the making of our condoms. We believe in all vegan and natural condoms for sensitive skin.


    Each condom is tried and tested as per the highest international standards for strength.

  • Low Protein Levels

    Ethically procured from forests through sustainable farming practices, our latex goes through further processing to ensure the lowest levels of protein.

  • No Single Use Plastic

    Taking one step forward to becoming an environment friendly organisation, Bleü has removed single-use plastic covers from our packaging. By using biodegradable paper boxes instead, Bleü wants to reduce its carbon footprint and leave the world a better place.

  • Sustainable

    As a pure and clean condom brand, we are stringent about keeping sustainability as a priority in our policies: from sourcing raw materials to our packaging.

  • Discreet Delivery

    Bleü condoms are delivered keeping utmost privacy in mind. With discreet home delivery options, be rest assured that there will be no discernible labels or anything that declares the content of the package on the box. Order without a care from Bleü and it would be delivered to you through OTP verification.

Benifits Why Bleu Features
features image
  • Spiral Shaped Condoms

    Made ergonomically to guarantee the best fit, with bulges that increase pleasure for him and her. The thinner tip delays climax naturally without any harmful chemicals or additives.

  • Best For - Delayed Climax

    Differently placed bulges on the tip lead to better friction and pleasure in just the right places. For a wholesome and unique sexual experience.

  • Protection

    All our condoms go through rigorous tests for strength. A series of stringent tests and safety measures are applied before they go for packaging. Making sure there aren’t any holes or defects is done through electronic testing.

  • Surface

    The bulges on the tip is our most ingenuous design yet! Maximum pleasure for him and her.

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Guaranteed Discreet Delivery

BleU will always give you Free Discreet Packaging which is 100% Secure & Private. Bleu guarantees that your order will be delivered in plain (yeah boring!!) packaging.

Tested as per Highest International Standards

More than 10k Happy Customers

3x Repeat customers

Made in India

Ethically Sourced


What are the possibility of condom breakage?

All our Condoms are tested as per Highest International Standards for Strength whereby going through stringent series of tests and safety measures before it can be packed. Apart from that, all our condoms are 100% electronically tested for holes or defects making them safest condom in India to buy onlineapart from being the best condoms for men.

Does it enhance timing ?

Yes! And No. The extra time condom is nothing but just a condom with a specially formulated lubricant to aid a man to last longer in bed. The special lubricant is often Lidocaine or Benzocaine which is local anaesthesia. And we will NEVER add these harsh chemicals to our favourite condoms.

Does it smell bad?

We all hate that latex Smell!!!And don’t we all agree on it. Bleu condoms are masked and washed to reduce the latex odour. All our Condoms are clean-scented and Fragrance-free Natural Latex Condoms

How long does delivery take?

48 hours to 7 days . Depending upon the city of delivery, average delivery time ranges from 2 - 7 working days. Be rest assured about our policy of No Content Declaration Packaging making all our deliveries discreet