Even if you do practice healthy sex, take care of sexual health there are many other reasons for sexual dysfunctions in women and men and other sexual problems in sexual life. Mental disturbance, relationship issues, past trauma, life problems, etc. are some of the causes that may affect the sexual life, sexual libido, and attraction towards each other. There are times when it is best for couples to go for counseling and resolve it professionally.


There are many reasons why sex therapy is essential and reasons to go to sex therapy. Firstly, the effects of sex counseling on your sexual activity would be very positive if you actively respond to it. Sexual intimacy counseling helps to find what can cause sexual problems and sexual dysfunctions and work to resolve them. This is all that happens during sex therapy. As much as sex is beneficial, there are some side effects of sex like changed libido, development of fetishes, etc.


Sexual therapy and its impacts are worth investing in. If you are facing any