If you have been confused about lube’s meaning, what is lube and why do people use lube, your quest ends here. There are many reasons to use lube. Lube, short for lubricant, is a slippery wet gel that makes reduces friction during sex and pain while also enhancing the pleasurable experience.


The use of lube is not supposed to be restricted to vaginal dryness or old age. Anyone and everyone can use lube because the wetter you get, the better sex you can have. Hence, the use of lube in safe sex is often talked about. You can buy the best lubes online.

Types of lubes:

Water-based lube is the most preferred as it is compatible with condoms and silicone-made sex toys. This also maintains the pH balance of the vagina and doesn’t leave any stains or residuals after cleaning. Oil-based lube is extremely slippery but it is not the best choice. It can leave stains on your bedsheets and deteriorate condoms and sex toys made from silicone.  Silicone-based lube is also great with latex condoms but it is really silky and lasts longer than the rest. Best lubricant alternatives are Aloe Vera, yogurt, and egg whites.


There are also lubricated condoms for quicker experience as you don’t need to spend time applying and reapplying lube. Warming and cooling lubricant are also available for added sensations.

What does lube do for a woman?

No matter how much anyone tries to convince you, vaginal sex is not supposed to be painful. Proper arousal and using a good amount of lube are essential for a pain-free and pleasurable experience for a woman. It makes the penetration easier and treats your clit right. The clitoris is sensitive and needs proper lubrication in order to be stimulated.

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