Condoms are essentials for people who frequently engage in sexual activities and know all condom flavors, as mentioned in tips for condom use. Also, they help in avoiding unwanted pregnancy so you can enjoy having sex without worry. Having unprotected sex allows the exchange of bodily fluids that may carry viruses or bacteria. Such interactions can cause sexually transmitted diseases. STIs are not only caused during vaginal sex or anal sex but also oral sex.


If you are engaging in oral sex even, you still stand a chance to contract STI. There are various condom styles and types to choose from, ribbed, dotted, delay, etc. For oral sex, flavored condoms are always recommended. You might have found many condom flavors names like chocolate, strawberry, coffee, mango, paan, pickle, and many more.


Do flavored condoms taste good? Yes! But are flavored condoms safe for intercourse? Not really! Such flavoring must be added to the condoms during production. Such sweet-flavored condoms use chemicals, glycerine, and added sugar alcohol to give the flavors and a delicious appeal to condoms. Women’s sexual health practices must be modified to keep them safe from such components of flavored condoms and condom flavors. If you use flavored condoms with added sugars, It might lead to vaginal yeast infection and mess up your vagina’s pH balance. The sugars provide the food and environment for yeast to grow in the vagina.


Hence, it is best to opt for natural latex condoms with no added ingredients for your vaginal health. Safe sex can be enjoyed more when it is completely safe during and after sex, without leading to any consequences. You can buy premium condoms in India like Bleu branded condoms. Our condoms are free from harmful sugars and chemicals. You will not find a trace of paraben, spermicide, glycerine, extra fragrances, etc. in our condoms. Such condoms are absolutely safe for vaginal, anal, and oral sex, too.


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