Condoms are one of the most frequently and commonly used contraceptive methods. These are found easily in online stores and local medical shops. Owing to their availability and affordability due to their low prices, most lovers, new and old, prefer these. We are not being biased here, these are just condom facts, you know!


There are condoms available for every purpose and preference, whether male or female condoms. Lubricated and extra lubricated condoms do cause friction and help in smooth penetration. With textures like Spiral, contour shaped, 3-in-1, ribbed, dotted, studded, etc., these condoms are the best condoms for pleasurable sex. Oral sex with a condom is the best way to have oral sex as it may also cause transmission of STIs while adding a delicious flavor. If you have been opting for delayed condoms which reduces sensitivity and prolong ejaculation, we strictly advise against it. The benzocaine used in this is not healthy as it is a local anesthetic.


But the most important use of condoms (Effectiveness of condoms) is to avoid exchanging bodily fluids. This results in sharing intimate moments with someone far better as you don’t have to worry about pregnancy. The use of condoms is also promoted because condoms are good for the prevention of HIV. Most of us have wondered what the effectiveness of condoms is or do condoms work at all considering their thin texture. Hence, it is crucial to note that condoms have only an 18% failure rate but are 98% effective against STIs.Safe sex tips for women often include condoms as top sex tips for the same reason. Even if men tend to say that it doesn’t feel great but condoms are important for safety purposes. If a man knows what the importance of a condom is and how to use a male condom correctly, there would not be an issue. We suggest you opt for safe, chemical-free condoms like Bleu condoms.