Having or not having sex is completely your choice. No one should influence your sexual decisions apart from yourself and your body. You can be asexual, voluntary celibate, or just simply disinterested in sex at the moment. Being sex-positive is accepting and encouraging people to make their own sexual choices.


That being said, there are many health benefits of sex.

·         It brings you closer to your partner emotionally and physically.

·         It also helps in improving your mental state by relieving you of stress and releases happy hormones.

·         It improves your sexual health and physical health by burning calories, improves immune health, better sleep, etc.


Apart from the above health benefits of being sexually active, sex also helps in increasing your libido and performance. It helps you get into tune with your body. It also helps in relieving menstrual cramps and improves bladder control in women. But you must also know what happens to your health if you stop having sex.

Sexual deprivation can lead to mental issues. If your partner is not interested in sex while you want to engage in sexual activities, you and your mental health might suffer. Sexual desire keeps on changing and it is okay to want sex and not want it at times. But if it is a cause and effect from your mental health, it might not be healthy. Some reasons for a sexual stop can be sexual dysfunction and disorders. Sexual shame, pregnancy, lack of intimacy, vaginal problems, etc. can also be some things that cause a woman not to be sexually active.


Hence, you should not be hard on yourself and abstain from sex if you are a lover of sex. If you are wondering if being sexually active has side effects, there is one. The only downside to having sex is the chances of unwanted pregnancy or STIs. Sex is a good practice if you are safe, responsible, and know safe sex practices. Use effective and safe protection like Bleu condoms every time and be vocal about your preferences. You can buy Bleu condoms online and have them delivered to your house.