Which Condom Is Safe?


When you think of birth control, male and female condoms might be the first thing that comes to your mind. They are very popular as they are affordable and available even in local shops and have reasonable condom prices in India. You can buy condoms online at the best prices in a safer and more discrete way.

Even though condom cost in India is already low, the government also gives off Nirodh at prices in India that are affordable or completely free. This has done a major part in promoting safer sex and controlling the population. The main job of condoms is to restrict semen in itself and avoid the exchange of bodily fluids. They are also important for safety reasons as they protect against sexually transmitted infections such as HIV and gonorrhea. One must wear condoms even during oral and anal sex.


Condom Types:


There are many types of condoms depending on the size, texture, use, gender, and flavors. You can find all kinds in shops for condoms online, whether of the biggest size, chemical-free, or with a whacky flavor like paan or pickle. One of the most underrated safe sex tips for using condoms is checking the expiration date. Expired condoms get dried out, brittle, or even torn. This automatically renders the condom useless as semen may seep out from these gaps. Carrying condoms in your wallet for a long period of time may also result in this.


You must trust top-selling condom brands in India like Bleu Cares as these follow all the protocols for production of safe and body-friendly condoms. To understand which condom is safe, look for a label that states the condom is capable of protecting against STIs should be your first priority, instead of added stimulation. Avoid using condoms with spermicide or other chemicals as these are often the culprits for infections and vaginal dryness.


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