Condoms are simple sheaths that go over the penis or inside the vagina or over the mouth. These are respectively called male condoms, female condoms, and dental dams. Flavored condoms are just like the other regular condoms but with the addition of flavors that are fan favorites like coffee, chocolate, fruits, other desserts, etc. Nowadays, you can find other flavors too like paan, pickle, chicken tikka masala, etc. Enhancing oral sex is what exactly is the purpose of flavored condoms.


If you have tried to study tips for proper condoms use, different types of condoms & how to use them, you might have come across various condom types. Condoms types and styles are getting an upgrade every day. Dots, studs, ribs add extra stimulation and that is why condoms are dotted. These are often boasted and told to use flavored condoms for safer sex. Most flavored condom reviews will tell you how great it has been and why flavored condoms are still a thing. Many people do not like to engage in oral sex and flavored condoms are meant to help with the same. So, are these condoms safe just like regular condoms?


But are flavored condoms safer for intercourse?

These condoms might save you from STIs during oral sex but it still poses a far bigger problem. The added sugars might not be good for your sexual health. If it gets on your genitals and manages to stay on, it can further develop into an infection. These added sugars mess up the pH balance of your vagina.


There are two sides to everything- good and bad. Similarly, flavored condoms have a good side in that they make oral sex easier but at the same time, they are more harmful and are most likely to lead to cause bigger problems. So, if you don’t want to have a yeast infection, it is best to avoid such condoms, especially during penetrative sex, whether vaginal or anal.