There are different types of contraception available in the market such as birth control pills, IUD, patches, shots, condoms, etc. Most of these are centered on women, putting the main responsibility on them only which isn’t a big secret of sex. Male condoms are the most viable options as there are more reasons to use condoms than just using condoms for birth control. And you can easily find condoms at the best prices anywhere.


You can find male condoms, dental dams for oral sex, and condoms for women, i.e. female condoms. If you are wondering whether female condoms are more effective than male condoms, the answer is no. Female condoms are 95% effective against pregnancy while male condoms are 98% effective. There is no good time when to use condoms because they should be used each time you have sex. They do not help only in avoiding unwanted pregnancies but also in keeping you safe from STIs. Let's check the disadvantages of using condoms for women's health.

But are condoms bad for women’s health?

There is one myth about condoms- they are highly beneficial for everyone, but no one tells that there are certain cons too. The following ingredients are found in condoms and these are the disadvantages of using condoms for women’s health-

·         Nitrosamine is a chemical found in condoms that might become a cause for tumors.

·         Glycerin in regular condoms and added sugars in flavored condoms can lead to yeast infection.

·         Condoms are supposed to protect you from STIs but spermicide and condoms can actually increase your chances of getting STIs and UTIs.

·         Parabens and benzocaine (a local anesthetic) can cause hormonal imbalance.


Such harmful condoms can lead to UTIs, irritation, vaginal dryness, other infections, and more which can be a cause for some women disliking condoms. One safe sex tip for women who don’t like condoms is that they should find alternate brands that create body-safe condoms. Bleu Cares produces organic condoms keeping your health a priority instead of momentary pleasure.