Natural Condoms for Safe Sex:

Natural condoms for Safe Sex

There’s no safest or least safe brand. The more complex answer is that while there’s no overall safest brand or safest material. It’s important to choose the correct Natural condoms for Safe Sex for you and your partner, as different people may have different requirements. 

  • Material is important, to some extent. As far as non-latex condoms go, you’ve got three main choices: natural lambskin, polyisoprene, and polyurethane. 
  • Polyurethane is a non-latex plastic that should be suitable for all latex allergy sufferers. Polyurethane condoms can be made really thin - most of the supersheer brands, like Okamoto and Sagami, are made of polyurethane - and many people say it’s the closest thing to bear. It may not be suitable for people with larger penises.


Sustainable Sex with Bleu :


Find a way to Eco-friendly Sex with Our Bleu Natural Condoms. Using protection against sexually transmitted diseases (STDS) and pregnancy is the leading concern for most folks engaging in sex.

 Condoms seem superior to using hormone-based birth control methods, because the pill, the patch, the ring, and various hormonal counterparts can have deleterious effects on the body.





Bleu Condoms Features :

Performance Intense Condoms, Latex-free, Ultra-fine, Ribbed and Dotted with delay lubricant natural rubber condoms for men available in many types.

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