Why Does Sex Hurt? What Causes Painful Sex? Why is my vagina swollen after sex? Is swollen vagina one of the sexual side effects of menopause only?


Sex in itself is complicated and a daunting experience. On top of it, you need to prepare yourself before and then do a quick clean-up after. In between all of this, women have to be on the lookout for adverse effects of sex on their bodies during and after sex because women’s sexual symptoms are easily brushed off. Vaginal Swelling after sexual intercourse can be a common thing but one must make sure that it doesn’t lead to a bigger problem.


There are many reasons- allergy, cysts, irritation and burning, vaginal yeast infections, STIs, other infections, pregnancy, etc. Allergy may be caused by-products that have irritants or fragrance that causes irritation in the vagina and leads to swelling. One must educate themselves with facts about vaginitis and vaginal infections. Most cysts do not cause a problem if they are detected and treated in the starting stages. Vaginal yeast infection results in itching, burning irritated skin, discomfort, and swollen vagina.


Vagina and the fluids there make it easy to absorb something into the skin. The latex proteins from condoms get into the skin which leads to vaginal swelling. Flavored condoms have added sugar which causes vaginal yeast infection if used for penetration. As discussed above, this infection will also lead to vaginal swelling. Using chemical-free condoms is the way to go.


There are many types of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) that are caused due to exchange of bodily fluids during sex and are often a cause for concern. Hence, it is always recommended to use natural, toxin-free condoms during sex. Rough sex or sexual assault is also a common cause of swollen vagina. Pregnancy complications can also be a reason.


Take care of your vagina with a healthy lifestyle, safe sex, and medical check-ups.