Vaginal itching and burning are pretty common for any vulva-owner. It becomes a concern when the burning sensation keeps rising, especially the burning sensation during sex and the burning sensation during periods. Hence, it is important to keep up your vaginal health to avoid getting vaginal infections that result in burning.


There are many causes for vaginal burning. Burning sensation during sex is caused by many reasons but the most common are vaginal dryness or not enough arousal and lubrication. The other reason is the condoms that have spermicide, chemicals, and other toxic items that irritate the vagina, unlike the natural and safe Bleu Condoms.


Burning sensations during periods come from the rubbing of the products we use like pads or tampons that rub against the skin, more so if you do exercises during menstruation. This is the most common reason for itching and burning sensation during periods apart from menopause. Do not make such menstrual hygiene mistakes. If you have wondered whether how many calories you burn during periods or is it okay to eat more during periods to help with the burning, none of it is a cause for concern.


Other causes are irritating products with fragrances like soap, detergent, etc. Then, it may also happen because of tight clothes or non-cotton underwear that causes friction against the vulva. Douching or creams for the vagina may often have aromatic essences that cause burning. Burning may also be caused by excessive growth of bacteria and yeast infection. But the most concerning causes are UTIs, STIs, and other vaginal infections.


Instead of pondering over the side effects of burning sensation, take precautions to avoid it or if it happens, take immediate action to treat it. Do not use products with irritating fragrances and allow your vagina to breathe during periods. Use lube and safe condoms like Bleu condoms during sex.