It has been the norm for us Indians to ignore women’s health issues- whether it is a fever, period cramps, vaginal health, or even a common infection during pregnancy or other related issues. Most of the time, they were either “allowed” to take time off or were given home remedies. This resulted in a lack of research for many such women’s issues, from birth control to common infections during pregnancy.


That is exactly why it is important to understand how one can keep safe from STIs, vaginal infections after sex, etc. This can happen if we spread awareness about yeast infection facts, Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) s VS Yeast infection, STIs, how to get rid of Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), what are the symptoms of infection in a woman, etc.


So let us discuss the vaginal infection, symptoms, and practical ways to manage the same. If you develop an infection, you are most likely to see the following-

·         Vaginal itching

·         More or less of colored vaginal discharge

·         Bleeding between periods

·         Discomfort and pain during sex and peeing


Yeast infection or bacterial infection are caused by yeast, bacteria, virus, improper hygiene, irritating products, etc but they usually aren’t a cause for concern but they might lead to bigger problems if it goes untreated. Hence, it is crucial to take precautions beforehand to avoid such infections-

·         Maintain proper hygiene. Wash your vulva with mild soap and water every day and cotton underwear.

·         Adopt safe sex practices like using lube and condoms. Moreover, condoms free from glycerine are more effective as glycerine promotes yeast infection.

·         Use unscented and unflavored products. Soaps with fragrance or flavored condoms are a big no.

So, keep an eye out for such symptoms and go to a doctor if you feel any change. Always use condoms from a reputed brand like Bleu cares and stay safe.