Un protected Sex with another Partner not only Causes STDs in both and also a chance of getting unwanted pregnancy. Do Safe Sex with your partner by using Condoms and know how to use Condoms the first time. Don’t mind about the protection (Condom) while doing sex with strange ones.  


Practice Sexual Hygiene Methods :


If you want to do Couple Sex Regularly, Follow the Birth Control Methods. Select the best time to sex. Practice Safe Sex. Do know the Sex Tips before going to do sex. Know is Condom is safe for sex? And any other detailed information. Don’t make Condom Mistakes while using them. 

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In the Period Time, use condoms if you want Sex or use Contraceptives to avoid unwanted Pregnancy.  Don't go for Un Protected Sex at this time.


A woman can get pregnant the very first time she has sex, yes. In fact, she can get pregnant with having sex, if a man's sperm happens to get to her vagina (as it can, in many ways). And of course, you can always catch a disease from unprotected sex, even the first time.