Do Ultra-thin condoms have any side effects?


Condoms are one of the most effective methods to avoid pregnancy, UTI problems, and transmission of STIs through sexual contact. It has been found that there is only an 18% failure rate which means that there would be 180 couples getting pregnant for every 1000 couples who use condoms. As for the protection against STIs, condoms are 98% effective to keep you safe from STIs like Chlamydia.


There are many condom companies in India selling condoms of different types like thin or ultra-thin condoms, dotted or ribbed condoms, condoms without dots, lubricated and flavored condoms, etc. They have a condom for every need and preference.


Do Condoms Stop Vaginal Dryness?

Lubricated condoms are the best condoms for stopping vaginal dryness while flavored condoms are great for oral sex. But one must remember that these can cause vaginal ph balance disruptions if used during penetration. Ribbed and studded condoms provide extra sensations while non-latex condoms are good for people who might be allergic to latex. If you have been using warming or cooling condoms for temperature play, let us tell you that they have chemicals like benzocaine and other ingredients which support UTIs.

Ultra-thin condoms

Condoms are often shamed for being uncomfortable and unnatural by men. The common alternative proposed is the pull-out method which is like playing Russian roulette. Hence, we recommend Ultra Thin condoms for a closer and comfortable experience. These condoms can be so thin it might feel like you are not using anything. You can feel your partner more intimately and have extra sensations with textures like dots or ribbed. These condoms are not prone to breaking, tearing, or slippage, just like all the other condoms. Condoms like Blue Natural latex are a great choice as they don’t cause any burning sensation after sex.

Mental health and sex are dependent on one another in some ways. Sex can help alleviate your mood mentally by relieving stress and releasing happy hormones, while sex can feel great only when you are mentally aroused and focused. Always wear a condom to practice safe sex. Find the best ultra-thin condoms to buy at cheaper rates without any side effects only at Bleu Condoms!