Which is the Top-Selling Condom Brands in India?


The Best Condoms for safe sex is the condom which he wears. These are having their own styles, types and categories.  

Dotted condoms are best and these are best luxury condoms to buy online India. 

Most of the People are doing common mistakes while using condoms.

Dotted condoms have specially designed raised dots on the outside to increase excitement and sensation exactly where you want it. Dotted condoms create extra friction and greater stimulation and enjoyment for the receiving partner, evoking a deeper sexual response from both. 

best luxury condoms to buy online India


Lubricated Condoms are better than non-lubricated condoms. Bleu Introduced Top Condom Brands for protection of Vaginal Itching, Dryness, and Irritation. It has the best condoms for safe sex with chemical-free, Vegan Condoms. Check all types of Condom Prices in India before you buy Bleu online. Bleu is one of the top-selling Condom brands in India.


Bleu Condoms has the capacity to extend sex time. This condom is no doubt, clear all the issues like “is extra time condom safe for sex?” questions. Bleu Condoms are in the top 10 climax delay condoms list. 


Avoiding oil-based lubes with condoms also helps keep condoms safe and effective. Ones that are not past their “use by” date and are sealed in the original package(new) with no pokes, holes or tears.