Dotted condom online is the one-stop solution against unwanted pregnancy and STD. This is because the dotted condoms barrier method prevents the exchange of sperms, vaginal fluids, and blood with your partner. Only three out of five were using dotted condoms for safe sex. While opting for the best-flavoured condoms in India is the prerequisite for safe sex and avoiding unwanted pregnancy, using it right is essential to reap the benefits. 


Why Indian loves flavored condoms? 


If you are not wearing a best-flavoured condom in India correctly, it can break mid-way. That’s a common mistake that can cause your buy condoms in India to break. Another important step is to leave the half-inch space at the tip of the condom untouched. make sure the tip is deflated, not inflated. But often we end up keeping our condoms in the car or in the back pocket, reducing their ineffectiveness. 


How to buy flavored condoms in India? 


Make sure that you don’t buy flavoured condoms online 
which is too constricted, and it shouldn’t be too loose as in both cases, the risk of buy flavoured condoms online tear is high. While wearing a dotted condom online, check if you are allowing air to sneak in. Also, ensure that you always put on a condom when the penis is erect.  

You can buy condoms in India and store them in your bag to prevent exposure to extreme temperatures. Choose a cool dark place to keep the best-flavoured condoms to buy online in India safe. Keeping it in your wallet or pocket can lead to friction while the car is an equally bad choice because it exposes the condom to extreme temperatures. 


How to store Condoms ? 


Right storage is critical for the efficacy of a best flavored condoms to buy online in India . Your car heats up abnormally when the windows are rolled up. 

Instead of using oil-based lubricant opt when using a condom one must opt for  water-based ones as oil breaks down the latex.