Condoms are one of the most popular methods of contraception as they are pocket-sized and an easy-to-use barrier method.  That is why you will find more and more condom brands in India introducing sexual wellness products and top-rated condoms in 2021. Safe sex practices (Use Natural and Organic Condoms) recommend condoms are for HIV prevention as they are very effective against the spreading of certain STIs and also in avoiding pregnancy.


There are many condom types one can opt for ultra-thin condoms, natural rubber latex condoms, biodegradable condoms, ribbed, chemical-free condoms, non-latex, flavored, etc. It is important you know how to choose the best condoms for yourself. You must find natural and eco-friendly condoms in India for sustainable sex. You can find safe and chemical-free condoms that fit your member and do not cause any accidents.

Sustainable condoms

Vegan and eco-friendly condoms are gaining popularity as there is a rising consciousness, too. As condoms can be used only once, it is important we use condoms that are good for the environment. Such condoms should be made from latex and lambskin as they break down easily due to their natural sources Bleu Cares condoms are some of the condoms that come in biodegradable boxes and no single-use plastic, making it safe for the environment. The condoms are made from naturally derived materials procured from forests that practice ethical and sustainable farming practices. We emphasize reducing the water consumption in the factory by using natural water springs.


That’s not all, we believe in ethical production and hence, our laborers include 80% women and are paid fair wages. All of this is possible because of the strong pillar with a stronger sense of morals, our founder- Komal Baldwa. Lubricant or spermicide, stabilizers, or hardening agents are the culprits that may reduce this quality. Vegan condoms are also more advantageous as they do not have casein, a chemical that may trigger an allergic reaction in people that are lactose intolerant. Sustainable condoms should be everyone’s preferred method of contraception.


Bleu Condoms is one such condom company that vows to provide condoms that are safe for your health and the environment, instead of just profits. Our natural and organic condoms are made from naturally derived latex and are gentle on your body. Make better choices with Bleu Cares condoms today!