Long-lasting condoms, delay condoms, extra delay condoms, or extra-dotted long-lasting condoms are often considered to be a blessing for sexually active people. Such condoms for men allow you to last longer in bed and pleasure your partner for more time. Surely, that is a good benefit of using such condoms but they are not the best condoms to buy in 2021 because long-lasting condoms have side effects.


People who like to stay ready for more pleasure or who have premature ejaculation problems prefer to buy extra time condoms online. Many types of condoms like flavored condoms or long-lasting condoms are falsely portrayed and aren’t Top Condoms in India for safe sex. Even flavored condoms are not good to be used as they have added sugar which may cause yeast infection. If you want to make the most of the benefits of using condoms in sex, opt for best-selling condom brands in India like Bleu condoms.


Long-lasting delayed condoms have an ingredient called benzocaine. It helps to desensitize the penis which reduces its capacity to feel pleasure. Benzocaine is a local anesthesia that can actually have an adverse impact on your penis.  The delay of few minutes in sex is actually causing you more harm in the longer run. This one can cause rashes, allergies, or irritation to the skin. This may also seep into the skin and cause further problems.


Hence, it is important to make sure you are using safe and natural condoms like best Bleu long-lasting condoms at the best condom prices in India. We have chemical-free condoms which are best for feeling and safety that are made from natural ingredients. Buy Condoms Combo packs of Bleu and enjoy ultra-thin dotted condoms that are the best condoms for pleasurable sex and gentle on your skin.