Sexual Hygiene Practices are important for both men and women. Cleaning yourself gently after sex can protect men and women from infections, like urinary tract Infections. (UTIs). But always remember to wash around the genital areas with plain warm water and not inside the genitals.  Nowadays there a numerous harsh soap, douches, wipes which have a lot of chemicals that imbalances the PH balance of the genital area. 

Flavoured Condoms and benefits: 

The flavoring masked on the latex condom helps in making the oral sex even more enjoyable. 

Best condom brands in India include natural condoms and  flavoured condoms as well. 

One of the common condom mistakes is of their storage way. Condoms can easily get damaged if they are kept in wallet, pocket or bags.


common condom mistakes

Condoms once damaged are very risky to be used as they won’t be effective and lead to STI and UTI. Usage of oil-based lubricants with condoms can lead to breakage resulting in unwanted pregnancy and STIs. 

Safe sex period: There are chances you can get pregnant if you are having sex towards the end of your menstrual cycle. 

In such cases, many women go for contraceptives like i pills without realizing the side effects of I pills.  

There are lot of side effects of I pills as birth contraceptive commonly known as emergency contraception. A huge impact on hormonal balance, bloating and even bleeding between two period cycles. 

Bleu Condoms is one of the best Natural and Organic Condoms to buy online that no harsh chemicals in it.

Yeast Infections Vs UTI: Both these infections are completely different but are usually mistaken as the same. A yeast infection usually includes itch, pain and discharge, whereas UTI includes frequent painful urination. Yeast Infection vs UTI, Both, however, cause discomfort.