Non Toxic Condoms 

There are a few factors giving regular Condom Brands in India a bad reputation—one is that the latex they’re made with can often the reason for UTI. Also, the fact that there are often harsh chemicals in regular Condom Brands in India while Love Making Sex. How often do we discard the piece of rubber due to Unprotected Sex not realising that we will be exposed to STIs

Some of us go a step further and start popping in emergency contraceptive pills not realising the Side Effects of ipills in the body of a woman. The word “emergency” has lost the value and while Love Making Sex now it popped in too often. Apart from regular Nausea, pills the hormonal pills have long term dire Side Effects of ipills on the body. 



Why Sexual Contact without Protection is not safe? 

When we are religiously reading all the ingredients list on everything from our shampoos to our favourite morning cereals then why do we have a blind eyes towards our Buy Condom Online. This is a question which we should be asking to the condoms companies to declare out their ingredients as well. 

But a lot of us when faced with the issues like itch, rashes and irritation in regards to usage of Buy Condom Online tend to completely ignore the fact and start discarding the small piece of condoms to move towards Unprotected Sex.  

They do not realize in the process of their decision they are risking their body as well exposing their partners body to silent STIs if they are being the carrier. 

Why should we move towards Non Toxic Condoms? 

The regular condoms brands are mostly filled with carcinogenic chemicals like nitrosamines which can cause irritation upon Sexual Contact with the partners. Moreover, they also do support in the spread of UTI from partners as they contain chemicals like Glycerine which are sugar alcohol.