Condoms in preventing sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and pregnancy, are some of the best methods to keep you safe. They are widely available and a frequently used method of contraception. Most people think that male condoms facts mean that condoms are only meant to be used during penetrative sex like vaginal sex and anal sex only. But condoms must be used for sexually transmitted infections.

Is oral sex safe?


Do I need protection for sex? Should I use flavored condoms for oral sex? Let’s discuss the myths and facts about oral sex for a better understanding. Putting your mouth near someone else’s genitals and having their bodily fluids on yourself can also cause an exchange of fluids. Hence, it is advised to use condoms for oral sex, too. These act as barriers in oral sex and protect you from STIs and are one of the best ways to make sex safer. All condoms have pros and cons and the common condom problems must be discussed.


That being said, even flavored condoms aren’t entirely safe for use and should be used at your own discretion. The added glycerine in flavored condoms isn’t good for your sexual health. The flavored condoms have added sugars that might lead to vaginal yeast infection.  If the sugar comes in contact with your vagina and leaves residue there, it can further develop into an infection. These added sugar alcohol mess up the pH balance of your vagina as well. Even if women do love flavored condoms, it is not great for them.


Hence, it is better to use natural and organic condoms for oral sex as staying safe should be your number one priority. Condoms that are free from added materials like sugars, chemicals like benzocaine, and fragrance are best to be used for sexual activities.