Morning Sex is always fun and great can really wake you up! What’s more, it is actually therapeutic and can help you have a great start to the morning.

Sex, in general, has beneficial effects on cardiovascular health, mental health, intimate relationship quality, depression, pain symptoms, and immune function. Morning sex is definitely fun but it also has multiple health benefits.


Reasons That Make Morning Sex Beneficial / Benefits Of Morning Romance:

  1. Mood Booster: Morning Sex Works as an Instant Mood Booster. SEX will help in releasing happy hormones that uplift the mood Instantly. It Calms you down mentally.  The release of happy hormones like oxytocin and dopamine right in the morning can make anyone feel more relaxed, focused, and cheerful throughout the day.
  2. Morning Sex Is Great For Immunity: Having Sex in Morning gives you a happy mood and the Production of Happy Hormones will be helpful in moving fresh throughout the day. This will help in producing IgA in your Body. IgA stands for Immunoglobulin A which is an antibody that plays a crucial role in the immune function of mucous membranes. So, more morning sex means better immunity.
  3. Helps In Boosting Memory: Sex helps in activating your brain given it causes a rush of hormones in your body. sex right in the morning can help your brain power through the whole day.
  4. Help you improve your libido: After resting properly, your body is all set to restart in the morning. If you have Morning Sex the body is able to produce a good amount of sex hormones and this leads to improved pleasure. Enjoyable sex leads to the release of hormones called oxytocin and dopamine. This enhances libido and increases satisfaction.
  5. It can act as your morning workout: Sex in the Morning often works as a great morning workout of moderate-intensity, burning the calories and helping you start the day with a dose of positive energetic hormones. It can contribute to stretching and relaxing the muscles.


Life Style And Home Remedies For Creating Sexual Desire In Women

  1. Communicate with your Partner
  2. Talk with your Partner with a smile
  3. Set aside time for Intimacy
  4. Ditch Bad Habits
  5. Add a little spice to your sexual life
  6. Exercise Regularly
  7. Stress-less life makes your girl's sexual desire is fulfilled


Use Condoms For Safe Sex In The Morning:

Male condoms are considered a safe and overall effective form of birth control. A condom is a thin, fitted tube worn over the penis during sex (male condoms) or inserted into the vagina before sex. Condoms Prevent Pregnancies and STDs. Male condoms are about 98% effective at preventing pregnancy. Female condoms are about 95% effective when used properly. They work only 79% of the time if you don’t use them right. Condoms also greatly lower the chances that one person will pass an STD to the other. The exact risk varies by type of disease. For example, condoms are almost 100% effective at protecting against HIV the most common sexually transmitted disease, can infect areas that a male condom doesn’t cover, like the scrotum. Condoms lower the risk of HPV infection, but they don’t get rid of it.


Types of Condoms

There are many types of male condoms, including:

  • Latex, plastic, or lambskin. Most people use condoms made of latex. If you’re sensitive or allergic to that material, you can use ones made of plastic: polyurethane or polyisoprene. Latex and plastic condoms can protect you from STDs during any kind of sex: vaginal, oral, and anal. Natural or lambskin condoms are made of material that comes from lamb intestines. They prevent pregnancy, but like human skin, they have tiny openings. So they don’t protect you from STDs.
  • Lubricated. Lubrication, or lube, is a thin coating of liquid on the condom. It can prevent pain and irritation during sex, and it can help keep the condom from breaking. If you buy one that doesn’t already have lube on it, you’ll probably want to add some lube to make sex more comfortable. Make sure you use a water-based product that’s meant for sex. Oil-based lubricants like petroleum jelly can damage the condom and keep it from working.
  • Spermicide-coated. This is a chemical, called nonoxynol-9, that kills sperm. Some condoms are sold coated with it. This may lower the risk of pregnancy, but the amount of spermicide that comes with a condom probably isn’t enough to make a difference. If you want extra protection, add a separate sperm-killing product. Nonoxynol-9 can irritate your genitals, which could make you more likely to get HIV.
  • Textured condoms. These include ribbed and studded types. They’re meant to boost the pleasure for you or your partner. But how it makes you feel could be different from what someone else enjoys. If a condom keeps you or your partner from enjoying sex, try textured ones to see if they feel better. You can also make putting on the condom part of foreplay.


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Why Morning Sex Is Better Than Night Sex:

Many people tend to imagine their best sex happening late at night in a dark and romantic environment. But there are some scientific reasons morning sex might be better than night sex—at least for some people. But physiologically speaking, it might be generally better to have sex in the morning because many people's bodies have higher levels of testosterone and estrogen. Testosterone levels in men replenish overnight and thus tend to be at their highest in the morning and at their lowest at night and it is helping with both getting erections and feeling motivated to have sex.


People with menstrual cycles will be more interested in sex in the first half of their cycle (the follicular and ovulatory phases) when resting levels of cortisol and metabolism are lower (offering more stable mood) and levels of estrogen and testosterone are increasing (boosting sexual desire). Many people get to the end of the day feeling exhausted and perhaps touched out, meaning they're not wanting any more touch or stimulation. It may take more effort to get back into the right mindset to engage in sex.


The best time of day to have sex will vary from person to person and from couple to couple. While elevated hormones might make sex better in the morning for many (particularly men), people with menstrual cycles are much more influenced by time of month than time of day. Moreover, psychological factors like stress and self-consciousness can also come into play and offset some of the benefits of morning sex.