A question to every sexually active is long lasting condom safe to sex? 


A question that pops up in every man mind is to please his partner till screams come out and the quickest solution for the same is to buy long lasting condoms online. It definitely helps a man in solving the question of what is delay lubricant? So, here is the answer all the long-lasting condoms in India are coated with a special chemical known as Benzocaine. And Benzocaine is nothing but an anaesthetic to numb the body part it touches for both partners. 

Instead of sexual pleasure the chemicals does not add any benefits of extra time condoms. The main side effects of such chemicals are rashes, reactions to the skin and sometimes allergies. So next time when you plan to top 10 climax delay condoms online think about the consequences. 


extra time condoms

What is delay lubricant? 


The said condoms can prolong the sexual pleasure and can be dangerous for the usage. Some of the countries have refused to understand the benefits of extra time condoms and lawmakers hence want it to be labelled as a warning product to be under prescribed drug. 

All the brands do have a special benzocaine or lidocaine added long lasting condoms in India to be targeted to Indians who want to prove to their women about manhood through their bedroom long last skills. 


But do any woman ask is extra time condom safe to sex? 


Never does anyone will think about the consequences of these harmful chemicals in the condoms before buying long-lasting condoms online. Therefore, all the magazine and the ratings will always rate the top 10 climax delay condoms online as preferences of the Indian customers. But do they make the customers aware of the consequences? Never. 


But we have taken this uphill task to educate you about the types of time delay condoms. All and every condom that has a warning about Benzocaine or Lidocaine added with 4-5% percentage to call for Long lasting pleasure are a part of the types of time delay condoms.