Having periods once a month is inevitable for menstruators. Most of us think that having sex in periods is impossible or disgusting. Though these thoughts and feelings of having sex during menstruation are valid, you can have sex if you want and follow certain sex tips to keep the mess minimal. If you have wondered if sex in a period is bad or can you get pregnant if you have sex during a period, read on!


Our elders warn us against sex side effects or share false facts about sex during menstruation but it is up to us to get educated choice and break these myths. There might be a few downsides but none of them amount to any danger. You might not be comfortable with the bloody mess. Follow these tips for having sex during periods. It is important you get menstrual products like tampons, cups,s or pads off of your body before sex. If you are wondering does sex delay your period, let us tell you it can but only if you get pregnant.


Condoms are compulsory during period sex as they help keep the mess off of a penis and getting under the foreskin. Period blood also carries certain viruses that may transmit during unprotected sex. So, to keep yourself and your partner safe, make sure you use a condom every time. This will also help in avoiding unwanted pregnancy because one can get pregnant during periods. Apart from this, cover your bed with a dirty bed sheet that you don’t mind getting dirty.

Is period sex is actually the best sex?

We don’t know about “best sex” but sex in a period surely has its perks. The release of feel-good hormones and contraction of the uterus during orgasms helps reduce the effect of period cramps. It also results in periods lasting for a lesser time. It also acts as natural lubrication during sex and makes penetration easier.