How to avoid premature ejaculation? 

If you have an early ejaculation or bad erection problem then you must see a doctor or check for the best lubricants for Long-lasting sex. Try to search online for the best lubricants that are enhancing your sexual pleasure. Know Sex Tips for Long-lasting sex from the doctors or Experts.  

Performance does not necessarily mean having sexual intercourse for long time but having pleasure during sex. 

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So how to get that pleasure? 

Always start slow. Talk before having sex - Don't discuss about your stress life discuss sexual things. Describe her body, talk dirty (some partner may not like this), say her you are too good in bed, say your body excites me, you smell good...etc. 

Start with a gentle touch (very gentle) to her body. Kiss her back, kiss her neck, ears, kiss her thighs...there are hell lot of place to kiss and touch - explore it. Play with her hair, speak (something dirty) slowly into her ears. Get naked and feel each other's body - Get hold of each other. gently touch her private parts - keep it gently as you are into foreplay. Kiss between her thighs. Hold her from back and kiss her from neck to bottom. Lick her body, Kiss her toes. 


After all these you can finger her till, she - you known what I mean. 


Is Foreplay being good before sexual intercourse? 

Once she is in the peak of her pleasure you can start the intercourse. Start gently and then increase the intensity with the flow. Always try different pose. One important technique for intercourse is the START AND STOP method - This means slow down when you feel you are going to ejaculate so that you can carry out for few more minutes. Sometimes self-control is important. And with time it will surely happen. 


It's not necessary that you need to do sex in bed. Try different places in your house. It will always give a new feeling and keeps sex interesting. 

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