Condoms are an important part of safe sex practices. It is a simple sheath that keeps you safe from unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Hence, it is important to know how to use condoms, how to measure condom size, and how to choose the best condom size for you. Best-selling condom brands have various condom sizes charts online to make this easier for you. How to find small-sized, big-sizes, or super-big-sized depends on your own size first.

Use a ruler or tape to measure the size of your erect penis right from the base of your erect penis. Accordingly, you can find the perfect size among the small size, medium size, and large size condoms. Also, these sizes would be different in India than in western countries.


Even though we say “size doesn’t really matter”, while finding condoms, it really does matter. You don’t want condoms that would either slip off from being too loose or tear off from being too tight. If it is uncomfortable for you in any way, the chances are you haven’t chosen the right size. Indians tend to flex on the size and might fall prey to choosing the wrong size. That is why Indians might hate condoms.


There are many types of condoms, female condoms, male condoms, dental dams that are further categorized on the basis of their features like dotted, small size condoms, lubricated, delay, etc. Bleu cares is not only the top best condom in India but also one of the few that makes natural, chemical-free condoms.