HIV infection is caused by contracting the Human Immunodeficiency Virus This occurs mostly via blood-blood contact, unprotected sex, and other Sex Activities. 

The levels of the virus (also called viral load) in the blood peak at first and then drops down slightly afterward, while the CD4 count drops down slightly and rises again. This can last for several years before the viral load starts to rise again and the CD4 count drops. 

In time, this would reach a level low enough (below 200–300) to become AIDS. The mortality of AIDS comes more from opportunistic infections (infections caused by microbes that usually are harmless to a person with an intact immune system. However, due to the low levels caused by HIV, the immune system in this case would be weak). 

The bad news is that once HIV is contracted, there is no removing it from the body and it seriously affects Sexual Health. Use Safety Condoms to protect from Unwanted Pregnancy. Don’t go for the Condom Mistakes. Do know all Condom Side Effects and side effects of Sex also. 


Here the good news is that it IS manageable with daily medication. This MUST be taken every day, otherwise, the Virus may mutate and become resistant to the medication. However, if taken as recommended, the patient can live a virtually normal life with a low infectivity rate.  


How HIIV Transmits :

  1. Unprotected Sex either Vaginal, Anal or Oral Sex with HIV infected person. 
  1. Blood transfusion or transmission. When infected blood is transmitted from HIV infected person to uninfected person. 
  1. Sharing of the Injection needles. Reuse of HIV-infected needle transmits the infection. In today's hospital and diagnostic settings Injection needle should be used only one time and then it should be thrown away to Medical Garbage. 
  1. Mother to child-intra uterine(pregnancy), during the delivery process, through breast feeding
  1. Sexual Routes-Vaginal,Anal,Oral through contact by damaged skin,semen,oral or vaginal secretions. 
  1. Intravenous drug abusers by sharing contaminated needles or syringes. 
  1. Blood transfusions although now its rare due to proper screening. 

Without medication HIV Causes AIDS. HIV damages Immune cells and makes the body suffer from many diseases. Proper medication and healthy habits make these types of patients live normally but with side effects medication.


THERE IS NO CURE FOR HIV. The Infected person has to take HIV medicines for life long to avoid complications in the Immune system and to be health