Bleu :

Bleu Condoms - History :

The journey of Bleu began with suffering from a harsh reaction to all the branded condoms available in the market. As a couple, they looked out for all the options from flavoured condoms to condoms for anal sex.



But unfortunately, all the chemicals added into these branded condoms made it worse and she started looking out for the other available options.  


With her hunt, she discovered that India has the maximum range of Flavoured condoms and unlike other nations, we do find flavours like Chocolate, Vanilla, etc in the category of the best condom to buy. However, there were no contraceptives catering to her requirement in the category of natural condoms. 

Chemical free condoms :


The concept of chemical free condom was very new and not even thought by other suffers like her. She went out to meet another silent suffers (women and men) to discover their choices of contraceptives in replacement current national choice of the best condoms.



This lead to the discovery of the size of the problem which no one is actually discussing. Healthier option in regards to contraceptives choices. 


Moreover, there was a scarcity of condoms for anal sex along with the awareness about the subject itself. Hence in her persuasion to let Indian make informed choices she started with Bleu.


More than a condom brand Bleu supports a safer online platform to discuss anything in the range from natural condoms to chemical free condoms. 


BleuCare Condoms - The Best Condom Brands in India for Safe Sex :


Hence we are a brand targeting to burst taboo subject either in the form of safer(blend of modern science and ayurvedic research) and healthier and cleaner products (sustainable and giving back to the society), awareness (through researched articles or renowned sexuality educators, doctors and acclaimed peers) or safer online community to discuss and dispel such issues.