Why Condoms are Important?


Condoms are essentials for every person who is sexually active, especially with multiple partners. There are many reasons to use condoms. They are a great tool to keep you safe from sharing bodily fluids that may carry dangerous viruses. Condoms for sexually transmitted diseases are often recommended. Also, they help in avoiding unwanted pregnancy so you can enjoy having sex without worry. There are far fewer dangers of using condoms than other contraceptive methods.


Condoms are one of the most important sex tips given for safe sex. It is also advised to use condoms in period sex as it keeps you safe from getting pregnant and transmitting harmful viruses via period blood. Condoms are popular as they are affordable and easily available. It is very easy to use as well. There are many types of condoms that are helpful during sex and one needs to know the reasons to use condoms. Lubricated condoms add extra sensation and make penetration easier. Delay condoms and extra delay condoms are your answers if you wanted to know how to delay sex time. There are many condoms such as ribbed, studded, warming, etc. that add extra pleasure.

Side Effects Of Condoms Using In Female

There might be some discomfort during sex while using condoms as the rubber texture might cause friction. Natural lubrication might not be enough so make sure to use lube during sex. Do not use condoms you have used during anal sex to vaginal sex or reuse them in any way. Flavored condoms for vaginal penetration are a big no-no as they may cause yeast infection due to the sugars in them. Regular latex might cause an allergy or skin irritation in some people. But Vegan condoms are made with the lowest level of proteins and hence reduces the possibility of itch, rashes, and another discomfort during and after use. Some condoms also use chemicals that are harmful to the skin and may lead to infections. Hence, using safe organic condoms and chemical-free condoms from reputed condom brands like Bleu Cares is a must.