Condoms are a cap-like cover that fits over a penis or in a vagina to avoid the exchange of body fluids to avoid STIs and unwanted pregnancies. Dental dams are like oral sex condoms to avoid STIs during oral sex. This barrier is a highly effective method of contraception as always said while discussing condom tips. As it is easily available, inexpensive, and easier to use, it is very commonly used by all sexually active people.


There are many condom styles and types like delay, flavored, ribbed, warming or cooling, etc. available in the market. If you are engaging in oral sex, flavored condoms are recommended to be used as regular condoms do not taste great. Latex is why condoms taste bad. Though the flavors are an advantage, flavored condoms are also not great health-wise. Oral sex condoms have added sugars that are harmful to your sexual health.


The skin around the genitals is very absorbent. Hence, chemicals and the added sugars in flavored condoms can be absorbed into the skin. This may lead to an imbalance in the hormonal system of female bodies. Vaginas also have yeast which is kept in control by bacteria called lactobacillus. But the sugars in flavored condoms increase the growth of yeast, leading to yeast infection. Hence, it becomes about flavored condoms vs yeast infection. it is better to avoid flavored condoms during penetrative sex.


If you have wondered “is a condom useful for vaginal and anal sex”, let us tell you that it is. But the condition of condoms must also be checked before using instead of wondering why condom breakage happens after. That’s the facts about condoms. Keeping them in a pocket or wallet for a long time can affect their quality. Also, check for the ingredients while choosing a condom as per your sexual health factors.


So, to avoid the side effects of condoms, the best option here would be getting organic and natural condoms from an honest and reputed brand like Bleu Cares.