Dotted Condoms Side Effects: 


Use of a Condoms: 

  • Reduce the risk of getting STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) 
  • Only Birth Control that reduces the risk of pregnancy 
  • No side effects unless you're allergic to latex 
  • You do not need a prescription 


Condoms Side Effects Vs Safe Sex: Side Effects of Condoms You Didn’t Know About 

Condom Side Effects: Condoms are the most popular and safest option when it comes to birth control. However, even condoms have their flaws. Both male and female condoms help to prevent pregnancy by containing semen, but there are a few condom disadvantages that you need to know about before you take your pick. 

Male Vs Female Condom 

A male condom is used by the man and covers the penis. The male condom comes in various sizes, styles, textures, colours, and flavours. A female condom is a sheath that is inserted into the woman’s vagina. Also called an internal condom, a female condom comes with a rim on each end. You insert it by letting the open end cover the front of your vagina. 

Note: You should use either the male condom or the female condom. Using both could rip the condoms, resulting in the fluids to spill.   

The more popular option with couples is the male condom. But we would suggest that you read about harmful effects of condoms as most of them contain toxic chemicals and hormone disruptors and talk to your partner about your preferred mode of birth control before making any decision. 


What Does a Condom Contain? 

Most condoms are made of latex, polyurethane, and polyisoprene, which is a synthetic form of latex. A very small percentage of people tend to be allergic to the latex used in condoms. A latex allergy is very rare. However, a lot of people are allergic to chemicals added in the latex which can cause itching, redness, and swelling on the genitals. Women are more likely to experience a systemic reaction to chemicals added in the condoms than men. The reason behind this is the fact that the mucus membranes in the vagina absorb all the elements faster in comparison to the membranes on the penis.  


Condom Side Effects for Females  

This also includes potential urinary tract infection, if the female condom stays in too long. Further, many women have complained that it is uncomfortable putting in the female condom and they tend to experience discomfort while doing so.  

Your conventional condoms also contain several harmful chemicals such as Nitrosamine, Benzocaine, Casein, Parabens, Dry Dusting Powder, etc. The skin is a highly absorbent organ, so anything that comes in contact with it tends to seep deeper into the body, and prolonged contact over a period of time only worsens the case.