What are the Condom myths that mostly affect the practice of the safest condoms in India? India is one of the top-ranking countries that question “Is Condom safe for Sex?”. The most heard myth about condom is that wearing a condom does not give that feel or pleasure during the act. We also hear a frequent question in today‘s generation Is Period sex is good or bad? Is it painful or not? 


Any Lube can be used with latex condoms?

Water-based lube can be used with latex condoms which is one of the safest options of all. Oil-based lubes can give a greasy feel making the act uncomfortable also causing friction and damage to the condom.


Flavoured Condoms benefits are less when compared to its damage. Adding flavours results in adding preservatives causing very serious health concerns to the partners.  

Flavoured Condoms

What are the Condom Myths? 

Flavored condoms benefits those who do not care for their partners’ body and look for only pleasure. 


Is Period sex is good or bad?Period sex depends from one individual to other. However, it is said that the sex during period can be more pleasureful. 


Is Condom is safe for sex?Condom is one of the best options for safe sex as the other options include contraceptives which are very harmful to the body as they cause hormonal changes.


How to use a condom in oral sex is a major question to the couple who are beginners and are about to start their sexual journey. Any condom used shall be disposed of immediately after a single act. Carefully open the condom pack with the help of scissors or hands without causing damage to the condom and unroll it. Any condom which can be used for penetrative sex can be used for oral sex. If people are aware of the word “Condom”, this brings a curiosity of” How to use a condom in oral sex” 


Dotted condoms and their benefits: Dotted condoms are the best option for the couple who are looking for some extra pleasure. Natural latex condoms are the safest condoms in India as there are no Non-latex condoms in India presently.