Condoms in sexual wellness & sensuality play a big part. If you talk about modern sexual essentials, condoms might be one of the top five items on that list. Whether a person is engaging in oral sex, penetrative sex, or sex toys, using high-quality condoms ensures more safety for the users. Top sexual wellness and pleasure brands know this well and hence, you can see new and more brands coming up in India.


With the pandemic around, we might have seen the highest sale of condoms in India for all the top condoms brands. The best place to buy condoms is online in India as our intrusive society even makes the shopkeeper selling condoms give a dirty look to you. But do not go for the cheapest condoms in India because the cheaper the product, the more ineffective it can be. You can buy affordable condoms from reputed brands with verified reviews and amazing ratings like Bleu Cares Condoms.

As for the other sexual wellness products and sexual wellness medicine, India is still opening up. The lack of awareness but the perpetuation of taboo around sex doesn’t allow space for talking about the benefits of sex and sexual wellness products. There are sexual wellness products for men, women, and the LGBT+ community available in many trustworthy online stores.


It is no secret that India is a highly sexual country, but it is surprising how anyone talking about safe sex is shamed right away. Such products can help in stress relief, treatment for conditions like vaginismus, erectile dysfunction, while also improving mental and physical health. Lubricants help in easier penetration during intercourse and condoms keep you safe from contracting or transmitting any infections.


Join hands with Bleu Cares to spread awareness around safe sex practices and the benefits of sexual wellness products.