India's First Spiral Condoms
<for 10x Pleasure>

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Our Condoms are made from lowest level of Proteins. 

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zero UTI infection

Processed without any chemicals like Parabens, Glyecerin, Nitrosamines.

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zero SMELL

Unique masking agent makes our condoms free from Smell.

₹ 299


5.0 out of 5 stars Better than Durex ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


If this claims to be what it is…. Then it should be the best. In comparison with Durex, I felt it is a little extra lubed. Ultra thin one is my favourite. Doesn’t feel like you’re having a condom on.

Very Good :)


My friend suggested this product, as I was not aware of this by name and brand and I too tried top brands, then in doubt I purchased this product by seeing the reviews. WOW it was very fantastic to use this and I don't have any difference in when I was using this product it was natural where i was doing without condoms. 

The best condom ❤️❤️❤️ I've ever used. Period.


There's something about this condom which makes it feel so natural & light. The 3-in-1 condom is very good. Price is high when compared to other products in the market but if it's pure ayurvedic & paraben free as they claim it to be, then it's totally worth it! :)

Best Irritation free Condoms.


After using this I have only one word man...Amazing. I don't feel any sort of irritation. Which I have experienced in most of the premium brands. I m reordering 48 pcs deal now :-)

Chemical free and better than all the overrated brands.


This has been the best switch for me and my partner.The best part being it has no harmful chemicals so its safe for both of us, it doesn’t have overpowering smell.

Very thick and safe


This is one of the finest condoms that I have ever used. Other reputed brands like Durex Ultrathin broke 3 times in 30 days. Trust me, this has taken some really hard thrusts and still stood its ground.

Why Buy Spiral 

With meticulously designed bulges, Spiral is our newest and most exciting creation yet! 


Vegan Condoms, that are free from all harmful chemical, like benzocaine, lidocaine, nitrosamines . 

The Extra Pouch 

This helps in creating some more friction at the right spots

Vegan Latex

Prevents itch and improves overall performance



All orders are always packed in a plain brown box. There’s absolutely no way of telling what’s inside the package and our sender address is the Company name not the brand. Here are photographs of how your Bleu order is discreetly and securely packaged.

meet the founder

BLEU Story

Bleü is more than a product, it is an idea born out of fierce personal convection that women should have the choice of what they allow into their bodies, especially when it comes to contraceptive options like male condoms, without having to worry about detrimental after effects of chemicals and additives that cause rashes, irritations and UTIs. This is a product that signifies partners who care about their companions and think towards female sexual wellness.

Today, after 2 years and over 40,000 satisfied users, Bleü is on its way to becoming a brand that takes taboo topics surrounding intimate wellness and pushing it into mature, mainstream discourse and provide quality products that are available to the masses and support to those who are affected.

We are dedicated to solve  ignored issues that women face!