Let’s understand what contraceptives are as birth control pills. The medicinal pills that are meant to be ingested for birth control purposes are birth control pills. These oral contraceptive methods are effective birth control options and though they are quite commonly used, they also carry certain health risks, even if you opt for top birth control pills brands. Hence, the birth control pills side effects and sex tips are important to be understood.


First, we can start by understanding birth control pills' names and types of birth control pills. There are two types of birth control pills- progestin and a combination of both. Progestin causes spotting and is also called a mini pill. This may let you or not let you have periods. These pills do not have estrogen in them which might be something some women prefer due to health conditions.


Combination pills have both estrogen and progestin in them and have further three types- monophasic, multiphasic, and extended-cycle pills. Different types of these pills cause different consequences in terms of hormones and periods.  While choosing one, you must discuss with the doctor and consider your periods, breastfeeding, health conditions, etc.

How do pills work?

Combination pills stop ovulation and change your cervical mucus to stop sperm from reaching the eggs. Progestin pills also thicken the cervical mucus while also making it hard for the eggs to implant themselves. From this, you might have figured out the side effects of birth control. Whereas, condoms do not cause any changes inside your body but simply create a barrier while also keeping you safe from STIs

How to take birth control pills?

Combination pills can be taken once every day depending on the cycle of days for which it is being taken- 21, 24,28, or extended ones for 91 days. The progestin pill is for 28 days only. Ingest it as per the instructions on the medicine and advice by the doctor.

Bleeding, nausea, and changes in sex drive are some of the most common side effects of birth control pills. Hence, if contraception is your only goal, you can easily opt for safe and chemical-free condoms without any side effects.