Condoms are highly effective in avoiding pregnancy and the contraction of an STI. Whether you use other birth control methods or just condoms, it is definitely recommended to use the best condoms for safety every time you have sex. It acts as a barrier between you and your partner during sex. This results in avoiding the exchange of fluids during sex and avoiding the slightest chances of pregnancy and also STIs.


There are different types of condoms available for you to buy and try. You can buy condoms online of various qualities natural, non-latex, ribbed, lubricated, dotted, extra time condoms, etc. One of the most commonly used and loved ones out of the different types of big dotted condoms, apart from the best condoms for long-lasting sex. Prices are quite reasonable, too. To understand what a dotted condom is, its advantages, disadvantages, and condom use side effects, read on!


Dotted condoms have raised bumpy texture that feels like dots all over the surface. This texture adds extra sensations for all the partners involved if they know how to use dotted condoms. The friction provides is highly pleasurable and stimulating as it stimulates the nerves more. So, you can actually enjoy it while being safe with condom use.


Though this is the only thing that most condom brands promote for big dotted condoms, there is more to this. As you know, most condoms are made from latex, it is essential for you to find out if you also have such an allergy. If that is not the case but you still experience irritation while using them, you might have to stop. Dotted condoms can cause irritation due to friction. You can either stop using them or use a lot of lube while having sex and using dotted condoms.

Another way to ensure pleasure, safety, and no irritation is opting for Bleu condoms. Our condoms are made from natural and organic materials only that are gentle on the skin, without compromising the pleasurable dots. We care about your health and that is why we make the best condoms for sensitive skin.