The advertising and profit-making zeal of most condoms companies do not let you in on this secret- condoms have toxic chemicals (chemical-free Condoms) in them. They don’t tell you this and neither do you remember to check the ingredients on the condoms online condom shopping or from local stores.


Condoms have side effects in the long run which is why it is important to use chemical-free condoms. Using such natural condoms will be good for mental and sexual health as it cancels your worries about the consequences. Let’s find the chemicals that are found in condoms with side effects.


Nitrosamine can cause tumors while glycerin can cause yeast infection. Hence, vagina-friendly condoms like Bleu Cares offer are the best way to have safe sex. Condoms can also increase the chances of getting an STI or UTI if they have spermicide in them so opt for the best condoms for sensitive skin in India.


Benzocaine, if absorbed in the skin can cause hormonal imbalance as it is local anesthesia. Use benzocaine-free condoms to avoid facing such a condition.

Paraben is another chemical that can be found in condoms but it messes up the hormones in the female body. Vegans should use vegan condoms in India as other condoms have a milk protein called Casein. Also, it can be harmful to folks with dairy allergies. Some people are allergic to latex which may be very harmful and can be triggered by latex condoms.


You can trust non-latex condom brands like Bleu cares which makes natural condoms from natural ingredients.

Our condoms are chemical-free, fragrance-free, and made from naturally derived latex. Hence, if you want to take good care of yourself and your partner, buy organic condoms in India from Bleu Cares for safe and healthy sex.