Best Sexual Wellness Tips

We often take care of our physical and mental health keeping our daily life and sustainability in mind. But very little thought is given to our sexual wellness and health to make the most of our pleasure aspects of life. More sex educators and pleasure advocates coming forward and voicing their opinions. They are starting conversations around the best sexual practices of sexual wellness and why sexual health is important.


As a result, you can see more and more sexual wellness tips and sexual health facts being shared online and often fact-checked to reduce the misinformation our society has conjured up over the years. Sexual health covers physical, mental, and emotional well-being too. Hence, it is important to encourage healthy sexual communication and keep unhealthy sexual behavior in check. You can find many sexual wellness trends being followed and shared online and offline to create healthy habits to improve sexual health.


These aren’t exactly secrets for better sexual health but not a lot of people mindfully follow these-

1.       Imparting the right sexual terms and education from a young age is crucial. Sex and bodies aren’t shameful things and will not corrupt kids.

2.       Understanding how consent and healthy boundaries should be communicated. Women tend to put their partner’s needs before theirs, leaving themselves unhappy.

3.       Practicing safe sex and incorporating its many tools like condoms, lube, etc, is very important. Protecting yourself against STIs and getting tested is also important.

4.       It is important to choose products that are safe for your body like toxin-free condoms and fragrance-free washes or soap. 

5.       Keeping a check on your genitals, libido, and changes in the overall body that may affect your sexual health is also vital.

Always be mindful of your sexual health and unlearn the shame that has been imparted to you for a sexually free life.