During sexual contact, for your safety, condoms are important. Sexual pleasure and protection go hand in hand and that is why you can find the best condoms to prevent pregnancy and the best condoms for feeling in 2021 online and the best condoms to buy online. Good condoms should be used for sex to avoid getting sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancy, and other skin problems. Yes, you can develop certain problems from condoms, too.


Best Condoms for Long Lasting Sex:

Certain condoms on the market can be harmful due to the chemicals used in them. Condoms that are best for long-lasting sex and cause a delay in male ejaculation have benzocaine in them. Benzocaine is a local anesthetic that might affect your penises’ health. Flavored condoms have added glycerin (sugar alcohol) that might lead to vaginal yeast infection. Other chemicals like paraben and spermicide can be absorbed into the skin and cause further problems.

Are condoms 100% effective?

Truth be told, condoms are 98% effective against pregnancy. That means, condoms are not 100% effective as they are prone to tearing, slippage, and spillage. But they are very one of the best options for contraception and protection against STIs with the right usage tips. Most birth control methods cannot protect you against STI but condoms for birth control can.


Which condoms are best?

Though this is for you to judge, we can say that Bleu Cares is one of the best condoms to buy online in 2021. Our condoms are free from harmful chemicals or added fragrances. We are strong advocates against the use of flavored or delay condoms as these have more cons than pros when used during sex. Our resources and content are focused on spreading awareness about the use of chemicals, flavors, sugars, etc. in condoms. We use naturally derived latex to make the best organic and vegan condoms. You can find dotted, combo packs, extra thin condoms online at the best prices on Bleu Cares.