Condoms are the best answer if you want to know how to prevent UTI, STD, and unwanted pregnancies. But every person is different and so are their capacities to tolerate certain things on their skin. People with sensitive skin are more prone to have adverse skin reactions faster and stronger. Condoms have components that may affect your delicate skin so you should go for the best condoms for safety before the best feeling condoms to use.


Condoms as contraception are great as they are highly effective against STIs and pregnancy. Condom companies do not put out telling that their condoms have toxic chemicals in them. But it is your job to find out whether they are the best condoms for sensitive skin with appropriate condoms sizes, sensitive condoms, non-latex condoms, and best condoms for safety. People with latex allergies need to take extra latex allergy precautions to stay safe.


Bleu condoms are best way to practice safe sex as we use naturally derived latex to produce natural and vegan condoms. Condoms have side effects in the longer run which is why it is important to use chemical-free condoms.

Chemicals found in condoms that are harmful-

·         Nitrosamine can cause tumor

·         Glycerin can cause yeast infection.

·         Spermicide  can increase the chances of STI or UTI

·         Benzocaine delay condoms can cause hormonal imbalance as it is a local anesthesia.

·         Paraben messes up hormonal imbalance in the female body.

·         Casein Is harmful for people with dairy allergies.

·         Even fragrances can cause irritating skin.

Hence, you must buy India’s trusted condoms, Bleu Cares condoms, for chemical-free, fragrance-free, natural condoms. You will find the best condoms for males which are also just as good for female sexual health. Find the best condoms for sensitive skin with us.