If we talk about sex and the best condom for first time sex , condoms are the second-best thing that has been provided to human beings? It is the best invention that helps keep away unwanted pregnancies and protects one from STI. It is not just male condoms, for other condoms also.  

Understandably, every person is different, and so is their selection for condoms.  Today condoms are not just only for contraceptive use but the varieties in them a design for giving an added sexual happiness. So, if you are wondering which condom is best for the first time, Bleu should be your choice. The brand offers ribbed, non-latex, best thinnest condom in Indiaflavours extra safe, enhanced performance, per-lubricated, and many more choices depending upon your partner’s preference. These condoms have been the best condoms to buy online in India. 

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Best Condom for first time sex and Safe sex with non-latex, no-lubricant and ultra-thin condoms :  

You can experience maximum closeness during the sex and have proved to be ideal for couples who do not feel like using condoms as they think that using at will reduce the pleasurable sensation. They also ensure safety and better stimulation and the better choice to get sexual pleasure. Bleu is one of the top 10 Condoms brands in India and you can use this best condom for first time sex. .