Dotted Condoms Types


Who said condoms need to be boring plains sheet caps to be put on the penis and vagina during sex? They can be stimulating, erotic, and fun to use with some exciting textures.  There are many dotted condoms types and styles to choose from and these choices keep on expanding. Say goodbye to plain wham-bam condoms and hello to ribbed and dotted condoms for some slow sensual fun. Some frictions can be pleasurable, after all!


The current sex you are having might be good, no doubt. But there is always a scope for better sex and these condoms can be your early ticket there. Ribbed condoms have a narrow series of ribs for more intense friction for the person wearing the condom and their partner. Dotted condoms are similar to ribbed condoms. They have dotted all over their surface for more stimulation. You can find full dotted condoms and plain dotted condoms in the markets easily, online and offline.


Dotted condoms have benefits worth dying for, or maybe just buying. These condoms have little bumps in round shape all over the surface of the condoms. Though it is often said that friction isn’t much desired in sex, this type of friction is surely loved. This texture is good for added stimulation and more pleasure for the user and their partner. If you want to spice up your sex life, you must get ribbed and double dotted condoms. There might be some side effects of dotted condoms- the stimulation might be addicting and you cannot get enough of it!


Dotted condom types are plain dotted, dotted and flavored, dotted and ribbed, the extra time and dotted, super dotted, etc. Bleu is high and raised dotted with a unique set of more than 2500 dots to enhance simulation experiments with textures and condoms to find the one. You can find many big dotted condoms brands but make sure it is credible and worth the money you spend. For credible and safe purchases, look up Bleu Cares for dotted condoms at prices that your pocket will love.