Condoms are Biodegradeable:


When you think of condoms, it might happen that only pleasure-oriented thoughts come to your mind. But condoms do much more than that. They are easily available, inexpensive and an effective barrier against STIs. One can engage in sexual activities without the worry of getting an infection or unwanted pregnancy. Being pocket-sized and an easy-to-use barrier method, these are one of the most popular methods of contraception. All condom users will vow the great benefits of using condoms!

Why condoms are important?

Condoms are very effective against the spreading of certain STIs like gonorrhea and also in avoiding pregnancy. Exchanging fluids with partners, especially during casual hook-ups, is not a good idea unless both of you have been tested for STIs. A man should take equal responsibility in contraception and not rely on the pull-out method. That is why condoms are important. It also takes the mental stress of sex leading to adverse consequences.

Types of Condoms

There are many condom types one can opt for ribbed, vegan-friendly condoms, chemical-free condoms, studded, lubricating, non-latex, thin, flavored, etc. Whichever condom you tend to choose, it is crucial to know how to use condoms for the first time and then onwards. Once you take it out of the packet, pinch the top of it and roll it down till the shaft.

Biodegradable condoms

As condoms can be used only once, we often wonder whether they are good for the environment. Yes, some condoms can be biodegradable and safe for the environment. Latex and lambskin, the materials used to make condoms, break down easily as these are natural materials. Lubricant or spermicide, stabilizers, or hardening agents are the culprits that may reduce this quality.

There are many condom companies presents now to choose from. But you must make sure the one you prefer is verified and safe. Bleu cares should be your go-to if you want the best condoms to buy online.