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Our Story

Bleü originated from the personal suffering of its owner and founder Komal Baldwa. Komal suffered several toxic after effects due to regular condoms which consisted of vaginal itching, drying and urinary tract infections. This was because of the chemical residue found within these condoms.

From being accused of hallucinating, to being advised towards birth pills, she had a firm belief against them, knowing their bad side effects. People told her to ignore or forget about it or just go ahead and have kids. This time was taxing for Komal as she felt all alone. During this turbulent time, Bleü was born. It trespassed into an “all exclusive and essentially male” market which led to a lot of refusals being hurled towards her from the condom industry.

Bleü is more than a product, it is an idea born out of fierce personal convection that women should have the choice of what they allow into their bodies, especially when it comes to contraceptive options like male condoms, without having to worry about detrimental after effects of chemicals and additives that cause rashes, irritations and UTIs. This is a product that signifies partners who care about their companions and think towards female sexual wellness.

Since its launch in 2019, Bleü has been a pathbreaking product and a maverick in its category, being the one and only brand in India to bring natural male latex condoms online. Made with completely vegan materials and free from toxins, chemicals and carcinogens, it aims to be a pure and transparent product. Free from chemicals like Parabens, Glycerin, Benzocaine (a chemical used to numb the male sex organ) and artificial flavours, Bleü wants what’s healthy and safe for your and your partner.

Today, after 2 years and over 40,000 satisfied users later, Bleü is on its way to becoming a brand that takes taboo topics surrounding intimate wellness and pushing it into mature, mainstream discourse and provide quality products that are available to the masses and support to those who are affected.

Bleü is a journey of conviction with three clear goals:

  • First, Ensuring that sexual wellness is an essential aspect of wellness, sans which any discussion around wellness can never be holistic.
  • Second, Empowering women to discuss, debate and take charge of their pleasure and what goes into their bodies.
  • Third, To spread information and awareness around issues that are considered as taboos (like UTIs, irritation after sex and contraception) which are ignored or swept under the carpet due to anachronistic stereotypes and social morals that have lost relevance in today’s day and age.

Welcome to the world of Bleü- Where we empower and believe in pleasure that is pure.


Komal Baldwa, Founder

Meet Komal

Born and brought up in Kolkata, now, married and living in Hyderabad, she is a passionate advocate of women’s wellness, especially focusing on the intimate and menopausal categories. Bleü has received wide coverage since its launch overcoming prejudices, resistance and stereotypes and Komal marches on to bring hush-hush topics into the limelight, through research, informed discussion and transparent intention. She believes in empowering women with awareness and giving them the strength to make the choices that are best for them, especially about their own bodies.

A choice of healthy, mutual love with our range of premium paraben-free condoms