Every person who engages in sex must use condoms as it protects yours from STIs and unwanted pregnancies. They are a great tool to keep you safe from sharing bodily fluids that may carry dangerous viruses. Condoms are popular as they are affordable and easily available. Male condoms are 98% effective in helping you avoid unwanted pregnancy if you know how to use condoms correctly.


There are many types of condoms such as flavored, delay, dotted, lubricated, etc. But not all of them can be considered safe. Most of us deem condoms as the ultimate safe option but there are certain condom usage tips to follow while using condoms. Here are the six most common condom problems and condom mistakes that you should totally avoid.

Condom mistakes to avoid

1.       Not picking the right size:

There are different condoms sizes available in the market to cater to men with different penis sizes. If you choose a condom that is too big for you, it will slip off. If it is too small, it will tear and cause spillage. This way, you can get pregnant even after using condoms.  


2.       Using expired condoms:

Yes, apparently condoms do have an expiry date and you need to check it before using one. You might think it is too much work when you are in the heat but it is very important. Expired condoms can break or lead to bigger problems.


3.       Not wearing the condom properly:

You must know how to put on a condom, especially if it is condom use at first sex for you. Even if you are a woman, you must know how to use condoms for men. Roll the condom down to the base of your erect penis. Make sure you are pinching the tip of the penis so that it has a little space at the top to collect the sperm and not cause breakage with movement.


4.       Not using safe condoms: Condoms have harmful ingredients such as paraben, spermicide, sugar, glycerin, etc. which may lead to irritation, infection, hormonal imbalance, etc. Hence, always go for condoms that are naturally made and are organic.