Gone are the days when condoms were passed between closed fists, discussed in hushed tones and stacked discreetly in chemist shops. From the coy consumer asking for ‘how to use a condom,’ to the confident one choosing between ribbed condoms and dotted condom, times have certainly changed. Though it’s still a work in progress, we have certainly come a long way. 

Let’s revisit why this small wonder of latex has become so important in the world of sex. Not only does the love glove keep us stress-free from the risk of unwanted pregnancy, Do we know it is the ONLY contraceptive that provides safety against sexually transmitted infections during lovemaking sex. With an increasingly fast and open sexual culture all across the globe, how prudent is it to not use the only safety harness available to us? 

And yet, it happens! (though on purpose at times) 

Jimmy and Johnny remain without a hat. At times, people forget in the ‘heat of the moment’. To such folks, one can only say, ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way’! 

A few simple tips can help you remember how to use a condom, no matter how hot the surroundings are. Place it within reach (on the bedside table or pillow), put glow stickers on the cover, ask your partner to remind you or simply use the unopened pack to tease each other during foreplay or sexual intercourse. Those who enjoy being playful, can wear it as a necklace or a waistband, turn it into a game of hiding and seek; creativity has no limits. 


Use Condoms for Oral Sex 

Then, there are those jolly souls who still believe in the notion that the best condom brands are needed only if mature sex happens. Time to wake up friends and know that transmission of infections during oral sex contraceptive methods, through nicks and cuts in skin and mucosa, is commoner than we think. Don’t ruin your party, balloons will only add to the celebration! 

Love-struck, love making sex committed couples might miss the fact that dormant infections can pass innocently during 

, Using the dotted condom in between the sheets will only make the foundation of your relationship stronger. Build a long term relationship with the best condom brands like Bleu. 

Condoms associated with Sexual Pleasure 

Some men find wearing a ribbed condom uncomfortable. Obviously, any new and well-fitting accessory in that part of our anatomy is bound to cause an alien feel initially. 

It’s like wearing a helmet for the first few times. 

Feels restrictive but since safety cannot be compromised upon, we learn to enjoy the bike rides with the helmet on. The discomfort could also arise due to issues related with size of the condom. Do not hesitate trying different sizes and brands to find your perfect fit. And once you have it, see how smooth the ride becomes. 

Another factor of great importance is how to put on a condom. Invest time to learn. From pressing the teat, rolling, unrolling, to safe removal and disposal- practice till you become a pro! 

How to master this art of how to wear Condom! 

To get a near-real experience, try to masturbate with the condom on. Practice until you feel confident using it even with the lights off. Once you have mastered the art, the new-found confidence will reflect in your lovemaking. Enjoy the best condoms for feeling!  


 And if you didn’t know already, many females like to see their men in the act of putting the condom on. They find it erotic. Men, on the other hand, get stimulated if the partner rolls it down for them. Worth it, isn’t it? 


Where there are nerves, there are sensations, and the human body has millions of them running across each part of the body!

While it’s debatable whether or not condoms reduce pleasure and to what extent, some people often cite it as the reason for throwing caution to winds.


It’s more of the mind. 

Even if the presence of a thin layer between two skins did impact the natural feel, it surely cannot block all sensations arising there or in other parts of the body.

Tune yourself to be receptive to these sensations. Break the mental barrier and it would get easier to accept the physical one. Remember that pleasure resides in the mind and safety in your hands. 

But with the easy availability of dotted condoms like Bleu, you do not have to compromise on sexual health and safety for any reason whatsoever. Be smart, remain healthy and buy condoms online today itself! 

Do share your happy experiences here. Safe is the new sexy. Be a proud user! 

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