The Truth To Aphrodisiacs, Foods That Entice 


There has been a lot of talk about the efficacy of aphrodisiacs, while some traditional methods like using parts of animals like rhino horn and shark fins have been deemed ridiculous by sexologists and doctors alike, it has a large market. Looking towards home, India has its own extensive and exotic list of food that guarantees renewed virility and passion. Stemming from the Vedas and the elusive “Kamasutra”, a lot of Ayurvedic herbs were mentioned as powerhouses of virility. 


Aphrodisiacs In India 

 An ongoing problem faced in India is men trying to gain back their potency and virility. This has opened the market to pharmaceuticals dressing random and often absurd products in bright, magical packaging to cater to this rapid problem. Marketed under “male stimulants” and available in every pharmacy, people now have the freedom of trying several products that promise to make them “men again”. 

Starting from the ridiculous going all the way to doable, several aphrodisiacs have been mentioned in Indian ancient texts. Sandhya Mulchandani, a scholar of erotica in Indian culture and the author of Kama Sutra for women, has some rules as going by ancient texts could lead you down some weird and absurd items. 

She suggests:

Don’t Try An Aphrodisiac if 

  • It seems suspicious 
  • It could cause problems in your body 
  • It is sourced by killing an animal 

  • From crocodile skin mentioned in the Charaka to Chinese medications sourced from parts of endangered animals, the aphrodisiac market has led to a lot of illegal poaching and selling for copious profits by pharmaceutical companies and large conglomerates. Bringing in Korean and Chinese ingredients and presenting a mix with herbs like ashwagandha and shilajit have led to hybrid and vague products in the market to fool a gullible crowd. 

    There has been a significant rise in renewed interests in natural and traditional medicine among urban and educated Indians. Pensive work lives, deteriorating mental health and more open discourse about sex have led to a meteoric demand for pills and products that claim to improve sex lives. 

    According to sexologist Dr Prakash Kothari, Head of Department of Sexual Medicine at Seth G.S Medical and KEM Hospital Mumbai, “These mushrooming sextons are nothing but an exploitation of the desperate by the ignorant. If they work at all, it is thanks to the picture of the horse or bull on the packet”. 

    But what seems acceptable as the cost of renewed virility is shocking as anything goes in this run to bring back lost youth. Men, being a majority audience for these products have been fooled into buying antidotes for erectile dysfunction without any clinical backing or proof. 



    Natural Aphrodisiacs 

    Dr. Mulchandani mentions that the way to gain the most from aphrodisiacs is to incorporate them into our routine diet and as a part of a generally healthy sex life. There are foods that balance the equilibrium of the body by increasing vitality and sensitivity. Some even alter how sexual fluids taste! 

    Some common aphrodisiacs that can be found: 

    1. Milk: Right from Bollywood suhaag raat scenes, a glass of milk right before the deed does the job! In the Kamasutra, milk was said to increase strength and sexual vigour. From the age old tradition of brides giving bridegrooms a mixture of milk and almonds to improve sexual performance to queens bathing in milk and saffron for a better sexual experience, milk is an essential sexual food. 

    Coming from the vajikarana(stallion) branch of Ayurveda, milk is foundational to a lot of aphrodisiacs. 

    1. Ashwagandha: Ashwagandha (also known as winter cherry) is a commonly found herb that is a famous aphrodisiac. When translated from Sanskrit “the smell of a horse”, it gives the user strength and stamina of a horse. It is widely reputed to increase male fertility and longevity in bed. When mixed with nutmeg (jaiphal) and milk, it’s a powerful combination. 

    1. Fenugreek (Methi): Methi, an ingredient found in most Indian kitchens can do wonders for women. Methi seeds are synthesised with various sex hormones that apparently aid in breast enlargement and boosting sex drive. Who knew something common like methi could help fulfilling sexual drive? 

    1. Nutmeg (jaiphal): An international aphrodisiac, when consumed naturally or paired with milk and often found in delicious desserts, it has medicinal qualities that boost sexual drive and stamina. 

    In a world where sex and intimacy is one of the most consisting and longing desires within people and especially when tensions and mental health dilemmas are at an all time high, people look for respite in solutions that ensure a robust sexual life. It’s always about finding a way to connect and keep our youth alive a little bit longer. The right aphrodisiacs might be the solution. 

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